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For nearly 20 years, Bridges has been investing in solutions that are helping to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. As of March 2020, Bridges has raised over £1.0 billion of capital from a range of institutional investors. Operating in the United Kingdom and the United States with an affiliate in Israel, Bridges has established a multi-strategy platform, including buyouts of growth companies, long-term capital for mission driven organizations, property investments and social outcome funds (which provide working capital and management support to help design and deliver Government-commissioned outcomes contracts).

Bridges’ strong conviction—that building a better future for people and the planet is also a unique opportunity to unlock lasting economic value—has yielded a track record of success. Since 2002, it has led over 150 transactions and built a team of 40 specialist investment and impact management professionals. Bridges’ investment focus is closely aligned with the UN SDGs, and it uses the specific targets within the SDGs to originate its investments at an asset level.

Bridges also strives to be an ethical and responsible asset-owner. It is a certified B Corporation, a designation for businesses that balance purpose and profit, and commit to ensuring that all potential stakeholders are considered in every decision; indeed, Bridges was recently named as a ‘Best for the World’ B Corp, a title given only to companies who score in the top 10% of all B Corps globally. Bridges was also awarded the highest possible mark of A+ in all three eligible categories of the 2019 and 2020 Principles for Responsible Investment: Strategy & Governance, Private Equity and Property, putting the firm in the highest rank of investment managers around the world. Bridges has also long been recognized as a thought-leader in impact measurement and management.

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Certified Corporation 2019

Bridges Insights—Bridges’ not-for-profit field-building arm—currently hosts the Impact Management Project, an ambitious global initiative launched in 2016 to build consensus on how to measure, compare and report environmental and social impacts. The IMP convenes a Practitioner Community of over 2,000 organizations to debate and agree on impact management best practice. It also facilitates the IMP Structured Network, which has brought together some of the world’s leading standard-setting organizations to collaborate and coordinate their efforts to develop global standards. As a result of its involvement with IMP— coupled with its 20 years’ experience of investing for impact—Bridges is ideally-placed to provide best-in-class impact management support.

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